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$4000 Generative
Design Awards

Generative Tendencies was founded by Creativ Medium in Zug in Switzerland as a platform and virtual gallery for Generative Design, Procedural Design, Parametric Design, Computational Design, Algorithmic Design, New Media Art and Installation Arts, and Interactive Design, machinima, projection mapping, visualization design . 

Generative Tendencies is a Generative design award by Creativ Medium with a prize of 4000 dollars.  ​​​

more information about the open call for submissions and participation will be announced on youtube. 

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  • Organizer
    Creativ Medium, a creative agency and multidisciplinary design studio is in charge of organizing Generative Tendencies in Zug in Switzerland
  • Type of competition
    Generative Tendencies is a project competition that awards ground-breaking and pioneering projects in the fields of Generative Design, Procedural Design, Parametric Design, Computational Design, Algorithmic Design, Machinima, New Media Art, Installation Arts and Interactive Design with a recognition prize of 4000 dollars.
  • Eligibility
    Anyone who works / has worked on ground-breaking and pioneering art projects in the aforementioned fields is eligible to participate. The participants must prove their involvement through a well established and updated portfolio showcasing past projects in the fields of this competition. Projects can not be submitted by representatives of artists, designers or creatives. The owner and creators of the artworks must submit them personally in line with the instructions of the competition and its rules. Members of the jury and persons who have been involved in the preparation of the competition are excluded from the competition. This is an international competition therefore it welcomes submissions worldwide.
  • Disqualification & Ineligibility
    The following people will be immediately disqualified: Entrants or Participants who do not respect all requirements. Entrants and Participants who Submit False or misleading information . Entrants and Participants who submit the work of others. Entrants and Participants who submit on behalf of someone else. Entrants and Participants from fields other those of the competition. Entrants and Participants who fail to provide evidence of their own work and category requirements (source file or screenshot or screen capture) The organisers of the competition reserve the right to disqualify the above-stated people without informing them. The organisers reserve the right to request additional evidence from all Entrants and Participants and failure to comply with these request will also lead to immediate failure.
  • Jury
    The submitted projects will judged by an independent, interdisciplinary jury, which is made up of people with different competencies in the subject areas. Their identities will remain secret and protected.
  • Evaluation criteria
    The submissions will be judged like any creative or artistic project based, without being limited to the following aspects: Originality, Authenticity, Idea, Implementation, Execution, Contextual Reference, Collaboration, Impact, Technology. All entrants and participants will be required to provide evidence confirming that their submission is their own original work and that their submissions comply with the category requirements: The evidence can be one of the following : screenshots of the software where they created, screen capture, or time-lapse video, written statements. The organisers reserve the right to require additional types of evidence. All evidence or additional details will be used exclusively internally in the context of the competition and will never be shared with any parties under any circumstances expect if the entrants or participants agree in the context of, for example, promotional and advertising efforts.
  • Ownership and Copyrights & Editorial Terms
    All participants to the Generative Tendencies Awards grant Creativ Medium the right to reproduce their entries in whole or in part in any media now known or hereafter created, including but not limited to, any publications, media and archives sponsored or published by or on behalf of Creativ Medium. Participants also agree to indemnify and hold Creativ Medium harmless of any claims whatsoever, including but not limited to those that may be made against it by reason of any use of their entries permitted by this agreement. Creativ Medium does not guarantee a winner in every category, as the nature of the competition is subject to jury discretion. One Single Winner will be announced from the fields of the competition.
  • Cost of Entry and Cost of Participation
    Generative Tendencies / Generative Design Awards is totally free of any charges or costs of participation or entry. The participants will not be required to pay any fees or cover any costs at any stage of the competition.
  • Judging
    The judging takes place in two stages: The submitted projects are evaluated formally and materially by means of a preliminary examination. The projects admitted to Generative Tendencies in this way are examined and evaluated by the jury. The jury determines the winners and awards a prize money of 4000 Dollars. All projects that are allowed to be judged are published on the Generative Tendencies website and Social Media Networks. The jury reserves the right to prepare a report in which it discusses the general aspects of the competition, assesses the competition entries in the overall context, describes the shortlisted entries in detail and records and justifies their decisions. The decisions of the jury are binding for the participants and the organizers.
  • Submission
    The projects must be submitted online in Digital Formats though a process that will be announced at a later stage on this page before a predefined and precise time and date. In general the entrants and participants will be required to submit their projects in three different ways: By email : email address will be announced at a later stage: the email should include links to all social media profiles and link to official portfolio or website If applicable attachment as a pdf including images and descriptions. If the submissions are too large (videos), the entrants should send a link to cloud folder (Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.), make sure that the link does not expire. They must also send us screenshots by email confirming the content that they uploaded onto the cloud. On Instagram : Post or Reel + Story Caption : My submission to the generative design awards @generative.tendencies #generative_tendencies On Youtube : 16:9 Video or Short 9:16 Title of the video : My submission to the generative design awards @generative.tendencies #generative_tendencies
  • Formats
    Participants are welcome to submit their projects in any formats possible as an animated (multi-frame, video or motion graphics formats with/out sounds) or as still images. On that basis, the participants will be required to observe the process and methods of submissions. We would prefer the following specifications for both videos and photos because the winner might be featured in outdoor display exhibition on large billboard screens in public spaces: Participants can submitted their projects in any format or size however we reserve the right to require changes if necessary: These are the ultimate specifications for future use in digital billboards : Aspect Ratio : Portrait (9:16) Minimum resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels Project Length in Seconds : 10s to 15s Formats : JPEG, PNG, GIF, mp4 Image Format: F4, 895 x 1280 mm / 24,5 cm × 35 cm / 89,5 cm × 128 cm Video encoding: H.264 Bit rate: 8 - 10 Mbit/sec Colour Mode : RGB Point Density : 72 or 96 dpi
  • Official Language
    The official language of the Competition is English. Any submissions, Project Descriptions, Inquiries, Announcements, Verbal or Written will be made exclusively in English.
  • First and Second Deadlines
    The initial deadline will be announced very soon. The second deadline is for shortlisted entrants or participants to submit their evidence and any additional request elements if they have not already.
  • After The Competition
    After announcing one single winner. The list of all participants and their submissions will be published in an official document and might be printed for archiving and promotional purposes. The document will be emailed to all entrants or desired contacts (e.g. friends and family members). The winner and the best entries or submissions could be display in a public space in partnership with some third parties to give the artists and creatives additional promotion and advertising.
  • Final provision
    The organiser, jury and participants recognize the competition programme and the provisions contained therein as binding with their approval or participation. By entering and participating in this competition, the participants and entrants, agree to all terms and conditions implicitly and explicitly.
  • Important Note
    This is the final list of terms and conditions. Please stay tuned for more information once the final page and entry date is announced.
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