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Creativ Medium Multidisciplinary Design studio and Creative Agency
Creativ Medium is a Multidisciplinary Design Studio and Creative Agency

Creativ Medium is a dynamic and multidisciplinary design studio that seamlessly integrates various design branches, including graphic design, motion design, web design, industrial design, packaging design, animation design, product design and development, editorial and typography design, sound design, audio-visual design and production, signage and wayfinding design, orientation design, brand identity, and branding systems, as well as advertising and marketing campaigns. With a steadfast commitment to comprehensive creativity and innovation, Creativ Medium navigates the diverse realms of design, ensuring the delivery of holistic and impactful solutions across a wide spectrum of projects. Based in Zug, Switzerland, Creativ Medium is a prominent multidisciplinary design studio and creative agency.

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Creativ Medium is a distinguished web design studio, focusing on Interactive Design (ID), UX (User Experience), UI (User Interface), CX (Customer Experience), and web development services. Our devoted team of designers and developers places a premium on user-centric design, guaranteeing seamless and intuitive experiences. Creativ Medium excel in crafting visually appealing interfaces and developing functional websites, bringing a multidisciplinary and strategic approach to every project. Creativ Medium's expertise extends to e-commerce solutions, responsive design, and comprehensive digital strategies. Elevate your online presence with Creativ Medium, where innovation meets precision in every aspect of web design.

Creativ Medium is an industrial design studio based in Zug, specializing in excellence across various industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, and healthcare. Our services encompass comprehensive solutions such as product development and innovative prototyping. With a seamless blend of precision and creativity, Creativ Medium transforms conceptual ideas into tangible realities, actively redefining the landscape of industrial design.

Creativ Medium is a design studio specializing in crafting comprehensive wayfinding systems, navigation, and orientation solutions. From strategically placed pylons and informative signage to interactive maps, our expertise ensures seamless navigation experiences. Going beyond the ordinary, Creativ Medium employs cutting-edge technologies such as beacon systems, augmented reality elements, and tactile indicators for accessibility. This comprehensive approach creates a user-centric wayfinding ecosystem, where every detail is meticulously considered to guide and enhance your journey.

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Creativ Medium, a dynamic design studio and creative agency based in Zug, Switzerland, specializes in packaging design, editorial design, branding, and brand identity solutions. Creativ Medium seamlessly integrates premium materials from industry leaders, including Fedrigoni, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, Foilco, GF Smith, Kurz Foils, Favini, and Gmund Papers, bringing a touch of innovation and excellence to its diverse range of design projects. Creativ Medium relies on Fedrigoni Papers, celebrated for its Italian finesse in paper production, contributing to sustainable packaging and editorial design. Precision and durability in industrial design are achieved through Ferdigoni Self-Adhesives, specialists in adhesive materials. Gmund Paper, with roots dating back to 1829, enriches tactile editorial experiences with its high-quality paper. Vibrancy is infused into Creativ Medium's designs with GF Smith's Colorplan range of colored papers, and collaboration with Foilco introduces brilliance through metallic and specialty foils. Creativ Medium sources top foils from Kurz Foils, renowned experts in hot stamping, infusing dynamic effects into industrial design projects. Favini Papers, with their commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, add a unique touch to Creativ Medium's material palette. These strategic partnerships with industry leaders allow Creativ Medium to craft unforgettable design experiences, seamlessly blending form and function for a lasting imprint on the design landscape.

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Creativ Medium is an international multidisciplinary design studio and creative agency in Zug, Switzerland.

Creativ Medium has recently shifted its office from Sumpfstrasse 26, Postfach, 6302 Zug, Switzerland, to the new location at Erlenstrasse 16, 6300 in Zug, Switzerland. 

Creativ Medium offers a comprehensive suite of creative services spanning Graphic Design, Typography, Editorial Design, Generative Design, Intellectual Property, Copywriting, Branding, Web Design, User Interface (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Motion Design, 3D Design, Packaging Design, Illustration, Information Design, Data Visualization, Interactive Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, Social Media Design, Marketing Design, Icon Design, Logo Design, Color Theory, Print Design, Digital Design, Responsive Design, Design Thinking, Creative Strategy, Intellectual Property and Design Law, Industrial Design, Sustainable Design, Accessible Design, Augmented Reality (AR) Design, Virtual Reality (VR) Design, Game Design, Mobile App Design, Sound Design, Experience Design, Service Design, Signage Design, Furniture Design, Architectural Design, Urban Design, Textile Design, UI Animation, Book Design, Magazine Layout Design, Design Research, Prototyping, Concept Art, Storyboarding, Design Education, User-Centered Design, Design Management, Wayfinding Design, E-commerce Design, Data-driven Design, and Design Consultancy.

Creativ Medium leverages an extensive range of industry-leading software to deliver excellence across its comprehensive suite of creative services, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Glyphs, FontLab Studio, QuarkXPress, Scribus, Grasshopper 3D, Autodesk Maya, Houdini, Clio, Ironclad, Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, ProWritingAid, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, BrandCrowd, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, WordPress, Squarespace, Nielsen Norman Group, UserZoom, Crazy Egg, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender, Autodesk Fusion 360, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, Adobe Aero, Apple ARKit, Microsoft ARCore, Unity, Unreal Engine, Adobe Audition, Audacity, GarageBand, Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Wave, WebAIM, AccessiBe, Google Web Designer, Innovation Expeditions, Design for America, Stanford, IDEO, Wolff Olins, AKQA, LexisNexis, Autodesk Ecotect, SketchUp Green Building Extension, EnergyPlus, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hotjar, and more.

Creative Medium, a pioneering multidisciplinary design studio, stands at the forefront of artistic innovation, seamlessly blending diverse disciplines such as generative design, audiovisual design, VJ loops, music visuals, installation art, multisensory experience, interaction design, sound-reactive visuals, realtime graphics, immersive experiences, and new media art, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in generative design algorithms to foster the creation of groundbreaking and imaginative designs, utilizing data visualization techniques for visually engaging and informative presentations of data by audiovisual designers and new media artists, enhancing immersive experiences through the incorporation of haptic feedback elements like vibrating motors and touch sensors, incorporating kinetic elements in installation art pieces, such as moving lights or sculptures, to infuse dynamism and interactivity, exploring the realms of mixed reality (MR) to craft experiences that blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds, employing projection mapping techniques to project images or videos onto three-dimensional objects, thereby creating immersive and interactive encounters, and pioneering interactive sound art where the audience actively engages with sounds and music, culminating in a personalized and captivating artistic journey that transcends traditional boundaries and redefines the limits of creativity and technology.

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